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Grover Greweling & Co., PSC has diversified and grown over the past 76+ years to serve the developing needs of our clients. We serve clients across Kentucky, Southern Indiana and a number of other states who vary by industry, individual, trust and estate. What hasn’t changed through the test of time since the days of Grover C. Greweling himself is our tradition of the “country store” philosophy and our clients’ trust. We believe each client deserves personal attention which is evident as we discuss with our clients their specific needs.

Services we offer our clients include: accounting, tax preparation, tax and estate planning/consulting, small business services (including compilations, reviews, audits, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting and payroll), and business advisory/consulting.

Grover C. Greweling was a World War I veteran who proudly served in the United States Army. During 1938 in the midst of the Great Depression, Grover started his CPA firm in downtown Louisville offering auditing and tax services. His clients spanned from Louisville and across the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky. Grover worked with industries such as the coal mines and retail stores of eastern Kentucky to manufacturing and the horse farms of Lexington and surrounding counties to the milling, banking, horse racing and oil and gas of western Kentucky. Grover was honored by the trust clients had in him and proud of the services he provided. The impact of the personal attention he gave and his clients’ trust during two of the most important eras of our country’s history are the foundation on which the Company was built which is why several clients and their families Grover himself served are still our clients today.

Harold Williams joined Grover during the late 1940’s and was the successor senior partner for most of the 1950’s and 1960’s. After Grover passed away in 1953, Harold took in other partners to continue serving existing clients in eastern and western Kentucky and also to expand the client base in Louisville, other areas of Kentucky and into Southern Indiana. The decision was made to keep the firm name Grover Greweling & Co as it was well-established and very much respected in the community and by our clients.

In 1967, August J Ott, “Bud”, a World War II veteran who served as a bomber pilot with the Army Air Corp joined the firm and served many eastern and western Kentucky clients. He became the third senior partner after Harold Williams passed away in 1968. With downtown Louisville becoming more crowded and congested, in 1975 Bud Ott and partner Denis Schneider decided to relocate the office to its current address at 107 Fairmeade Road in St. Matthews.

The fourth and current senior partner, Denis Schneider, started with the firm in 1967 as a college intern from Bellarmine College. Twenty years later after relocating to St. Matthews, expanding their staff and client base, Bud Ott and Denis Schneider incorporated in 1987. Denis followed as senior partner when Bud Ott retired in 1993. As of today, Denis has served several of his clients for over 47 years, some of who originally worked with Grover C. Greweling back in 1938 and following generations since.

The Company’s growth over the past 76+ years wasn’t by happenstance; it was a product of hard work, integrity, professionalism and dedication of our partners and staff to exceed client expectations and develop client trust. Grover Greweling & Co., PSC began as a single-person audit and tax firm and now is represented by four partners. It has become a well-diversified firm to serve the developing needs of our clients: individuals, privately held companies, small businesses, estates, trusts, and tax-exempt organizations. Services now offered are: accounting, tax, auditing, small business services (compilations, reviews, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting and payroll), Tax and Estate Planning and Consulting, business advisory and consulting.

The legacy of client trust and the “country store” philosophy of personal attention continue today as the cornerstone that sets Grover Greweling & Co., PSC apart from other CPA firms.

It is with great sorrow that we announce August "Bud" Ott passed away on May 24, 2015 at age 92. His 25 years of leadership of the firm will never be forgotten. He and his great stories and smile will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He and his great stories and smile will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


Our mission is deeply rooted in being our clients’ trusted tax advisors and consistently exceeding their expectations. We believe that integrity, confidentiality, trust and objectivity are as much a part of being a trusted advisor as our personal attention to each client. We discuss with our clients and understand what specifics they need and recommend service based on their needs through our experience and expertise. We are committed to exceptional personal service at a reasonable fee.